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Inventions have helped us to improve the way we live, consume, build, and thrive. Technology has helped bring revolution in all the arena spanning our lives. This holds true in case of construction materials as well. There were days when construction was done using just soil or clay without any binding material. And when we look around today, we see the shimmering glass offices and marble-stoned buildings.

  • Wondering how to get the most out of Self-Adhesive Vinyl? You’ve come to the right place


Being the helpful bunch we are, we’ve put together some top tips and tricks on the ways you can use self-adhesive vinyl in your life. So whether you’re marketing for your business or just looking to brighten up a space with new decoration, we’ve got a great how-to for you.

  • PVC board should be different in density
  • Is there a certain standard?

The density of different kinds of PVC sheets is not the same. The density of the low density free foamed board is 0.5-0.6g/cm3, the density of the foamed board of the coextrusion core layer is 0.6-0.65g/cm3, the density of the skinned foamed board is 0.5-0.6g/cm3, the compact board the density is 1.4-1.5g/cm3, and the density of the transparent plate is 1.3-1.4g/cm3. Different thicknesses of the same kind of board, the density is not the same, so the actual situation prevails.

  1. In the case of small nozzle obstruction, the use of high-pressure air guns to clean the nozzle, this approach is very inappropriate, will be harmful to the nozzle. If the nozzle is slightly blocked, it is recommended to vacuum the dust first and then clean it.

Mesh PVC banner maintains 75% of the printable surface of a PVC banner. There are thousands of tiny holes to allow air to easily flow through. This allows the mesh banner windproof.

When combined with our high resolution (1440dpi) eco-solvent full color printing, it makes the mesh banners durable and eye catching.

The news introduces the classification and difference of ink and material in inkjet printing. Inkjet printing can be classified into three kinds according to the application environment, materials and machines: Dye ink, Eco-solvent ink (outdoor ink, solvent ink) and UV ink (UV curable ink). 

According to the coating, PP sticker is suitable for three kinds of ink printing: eco-solvent &solvent ink, pigment ink and dye ink. The PP synthetic paper is eco-solvent ink to print often called outdoor pp sticker or oily pp sticker. That cannot cover the film and use for outdoor.

Advertising inkjet generally refers to the output of outdoor advertising screens. The output of the screen is relatively large. The main publicity platforms used are outdoor highways, large supermarkets, high-altitude buildings and many other billboards. It is mainly use large width flex banner, backlit PET film and sticker.

Most people will never need to know why one material is better than another, but the company that makes them should know the differences. How a banner will be used should determine the material and finishing used in the production.  Our company offers some idea of the range of uses for a good banner.


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