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Packaging Tarp for Chimical Liquid

AsianatFlex packaging Tarp will ensures that your products are handled in the safest, most cost effective and ecological way possible.


AsianatFlex Liquid Chemicals Packaging is used as bags for chemical liquid and semi-solids. Our Packaging Tarp is widely used in packaging industry for different chemical product.

Our Packaging Tarp passed all the quality standard of chemical packaging industry as: drop test, airtight test, hydraulic test, permeability test, liquid tight seal test…

We study our customers’ applications carefully so that we can deliver complete Packaging Tarp for handling and transporting for what kinds of liquids. 





  1. High strength, high flexible, good airtightness.
  2. Fire resistance, high temperature resistant with-20 to 70 degree, acid resistant.

Anti-corrosion, moisture proof, oxygen-proof, freeze-proof, antioxidant, anti-UV

  1. Resistant to tearing stronger and longer lasting than a sewn seam.
  2. Tough, lightweight and easy for handling.
  3. High rate of broken tensile strength and tear strength, durable and safe.   
  4. Environment-friendly and non
  5. Applicable temperature:   -20 ~ +70 C.


Feature and Application:

  1. Easy installation, safe and environmental protection.
  2. Usage:  For storage, transporting water, acid, alkali, and oil, also used for repairing and plugging kinds of pipes.


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