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Rainbow Iridescent Lamination Film

Rainbow Iridescent Lamination Film

Rainbow film is also called colorful film. The iridescent lamination film can be packaged as a single layer alone, or can be applied after being compounded with multiple materials


Features & Applications:

  1. Glitter powder and gold and silver silk industry, after using rainbow film composite PET film, it can be coated and printed to create a new colorful illusion effect, and processed into gold and silver silk or glitter powder. The products are mainly used in Christmas gifts industry, clothing printing industry, ribbons, etc.
  2. Paper products industry: rainbow transparent film composite coated paper or white cardboard can be used alone in gift box packaging, or the composite formed rainbow film can be applied to anti-counterfeit packaging, cosmetics or gift packaging after further processing;
  3. Food packaging industry: The rainbow film is mainly used in the kink packaging of fruit candy and the decorative packaging of craft candy. Using the rainbow film's own phantom effect and transparent characteristics, it can make the packaged candy and the rainbow film themselves look beautiful. Visual effect;
  4. Plastic industry: rainbow transparent film can be combined with a variety of hard plates to be used for furniture decoration, corner or glass curtain wall decoration, to enrich the color of building and home;
  5. Cloth industry: The rainbow transparent film and non-woven fabric are combined into beautiful environmental protection shopping bags or the curtain fabric is combined into bright curtains and ornaments with illusion effect.


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