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Glow in Dark Reflective Vinyl

Glow in the dark film, luminescent vinyl film sticker, photo luminescent film sticker is a glow in the dark film made of soft plastic and backed with adhesive paper. They are non-toxic, harmless and don`t contain any radioactive elements. After charging visible light for 5-10 minutes, they can glow in the dark for exceeding 12 hours.

Glow in the Dark Sticker Film are made from flexible PVC, PET, vinyl film. The flexible film is coated with long afterglow glow in the dark powder. Glow Stickers come with acrylic adhesive backing and silicone peel-off paper.

  Glow in the Dark sticker Film can be cut into all of shapes and patterns and stuck on any clean and dry surface. Can be screen printed with solvent base screen print ink. Suitable for advertising, decoration, switch panel, electronic apparatus, building emergency safety sign, route marker on walls and staircase.




  1. Will not leave residue when removed.
  2. Non-toxic, non radioactive, environnement friendly.
  3. Fire resistant, water resistant, high capability in heat and cold resistance.
  4. High luminosity, recharging-unlimited, long service life.
  5. Lead and phosphorous free, good resistant of nick.
  6. Glue Sticker, reflective material, self-adhesive.
  7. Durable, Easily cut, high stretchable ability.
  8. Can be cleaned with detergent and water.
  9. Scratch Resistant, Resistant To Solvents.
  10. Styling colorful colors, Make your car more stylish at night.
  11. Very easy to use, the unique design will not hurt the car paint.



Ideal for plotter cut work or printing on solvent printers, excellent for fire exit signs, marine safety signs, general guidance signs and marking signs.




 Backing Liner

 Release Paper

 Glowing Time

 6-8 hours


 Absorb light and glow in the dark

 Glowing Color


 Operation Temperature


 Service Time

 Indoor 20 years, outdoor 7 years

Roll Width




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