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TPU Food Grade Water Tank Tarpaulin

TPU Food Grade Water Tank Tarpaulin

TPU Collapsible tanks is the most economical and the most simply storage way for the potable drinking water in desert, industrial, commercial, and residential areas

Collapsible tanks for drinking water are constructed from the top grade fabric material, which is certificated comply with NSF standard. Collapsible potable water tanks are low profile and can be customized to meet the space requirement. These drinking water collapsible tanks can be fold easily for storage and shipment.


  1. Waterproof and UV resistant, flame retardant available, temperature(° C): -30~+70
  2. Water resistance: steady performance and impervious to water under the pressure of water.
  3. A Temperature stability: maintain the original performance under certain temperature changes.
  4. Atmospheric stability:  resist aging and resist erosion under the long-term comprehensive effects of sunlight, heat, oxygen, and other chemically eroding media and microbial erosion media.
  5. Crack resistance:  not breaking under the load stress and deformation conditions within the allowable range of the building structure.
  6. Flexibility,easy construction, not embrittlement.


  1. Used for water store and transport
  2. Agriculture use for drought resisting: good helper to the agriculture for water store and transport, specially fit for hills, mountains area.
  3. Collect the rain
  4. Commonality emergency, fire control, lifesaving etc.


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